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Organized in Post, Texas in 1985, today membership is spread across the region with the majority of members living in the Lubbock area.  The common bond is an interest in producing and exhibiting fine art photography.  The Caprock Photographers is not  formally affiliated with any other photography group.
The Caprock Photographers meet quarterly to plan exhibits and discuss photography on an informal basis.  Day-to-day communications are via email and the member's message board. 
Membership in the Caprock Photographers is by invitation only and, due to the space restrictions at most exhibit venues, membership is limited. 
Most activities are centered around the year's exhibits.  All members and expected to participate and share the work involved in mounting the exhibit.
If you would like to attend a meeting as a guest or have questions about the organizaton or membership please feel free to contact us.

Passions Photographed

September, 2007
 --  Lubbock Garden and Art Center
4215 University Ave.

Reception:  September 7,  6-9  PM
Part of the First Friday Art Trail

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