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1.  If lens A is "faster" than lens B, then lens A
A )  is easier, and, therefore, faster to use.
B ) is better for action subjects.
C)  has a larger maximum aperture.
D)  has more automatic features. 
2. Using a red filter with black and white film will
A)  lighten red objects.
B)  darken red objects.
C) lighten green objects.
D) give a red cast to objects in the photograph.
3. If you are using a film with an ISO of 100 on a sunny day, a good exposure guess would be:
A ) f/8 @ 1/60
B)  f/11 @ 1/500
C)  f/16 @ 1/125
D) f/22 @ 1/250
4. Choosing to shoot at f/16 instead of f/4 will
A)  produce a greater depth of field.
B) require a faster shutter speed.
C) increase your ability to stop motion.
D)  require a film with a lower ISO.
5. A "fish eye" lens
A)  is used strictly for underwater photography.
B)  is an extreme wide angle lens.
C)  is the usual choice of portrait photographers.
D)  should never be used without a filter.