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1.  Compared to a film with an ISO of 400, a film with an ISO of 100
A )  requires less exposure.
B ) is better for action subjects.
C)  will produce grainer prints.
D)  requires more exposure. 
2. In photography, filters are used to
A)  keep dirt and grime away from the film surface
B)  modify light.
C) keep used photons from collecting inside the camera.
D) clean the air entering the camera through the PC terminal.
3. "Depth of  field" refers to
A ) the thickness of the film.
B)  the distance from the rear nodal point of the lens and the film plane.
C)  landscape photographs made with a wide angle lens.
D) the areas behind and in front of the point of focus that are also acceptably sharp. 
4. An over-exposed slide will
A)  be too light.
B) be too dark.
C) be orange colored.
D)  have a pronounced blue cast.
5. A zoom lens
A)  is faster than a regular lens
B)  is usually sharper than a non-zoom lens.
C)  has a variable focal length.
D)  should never be used with a filter.