Ordering Prints

Prints of the images seen on these pages are available for sale.  Obviously, seeing an image on the screen is not the same as seeing the actual print.  If you are not pleased with the print you can have your money back by returning it in its' original condition.  You pay the return postage.

Prices start at around $150 for prints in the 8 x 10  size range.   The prints are not mass produced in cookie cutter sizes and the requirements differ from print to print.  For example, a handtinted print would normally cost more than a black and white print of the same size.

Most  prints are mounted with corners on acid free mat board and have an acid free window mat.  Black and white prints are processed to archival standards on fiber based paper.  The color prints are either Ilfochromes or are printed on Fujichrome 35 Super Glossy.  Fujichrome 35 SG  is a polyester based product with a good life expectancy although color prints generally have a shorter life expectancy than do black and white.

I will be glad to mail or email you details on any image.  Email me at  Joe Miller Fine Art Photography

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