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3rd. Edition
by Fone E. Baalowni

Chapter 1, "Let Ignorance Be An Asset", reveals the real truth about the need for correct exposure, sharp focus, adequate depth of field and other  myths perpetuated by the so-called experts.  Using these concepts only increases the level of difficulty and could result in a photograph-like end product.  Other chapter titles include: "Sixteen Mistakes That Turn Snapshots Into Art", "Enhance by Defacing",  "Kicking Your Tripod for Creative Effect", and "Obfuscation: The Ultimate Artistic Achievement".

The third edition also contains an expanded and updated section on digital photography.  Two chapters are particularly outstanding:  "Shoot Now, Think Later: Letting Photo Editing Software Create Your Art" and "Stack It By the 8 Track:  A Guide to Buying Digital Equipment".

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